January, 2019 | by: Matt Cazalas

Five Years and Counting

Starting a business and watching it develop is much like raising a child. There are growth spurts, emotional highs and lows, and lessons learn the hard way, along with just about every other child-rearing analogy

one can draw. Coupled with the fact that our business is in healthcare, the comparison may cut a bit deeper. In both instances we are affecting future quality of life by providing sufficient opportunity for the child who applies himself or herself to thrive, or by helping the compliant patient return to full range of motion, become pain-free or simply make healthier life choices.


It's gratifying to reflect on the past five years and recall the many patients who could barely manage to reach our front door and watch them triumphantly progress through their episode of care from intake to discharge. There were total knee replacements, hip replacements, rotator cuff repairs, knee ligament repairs, carpal tunnel syndrome, car accidents, work injuries, chronic pain cases, and much, much more. All of this human drama unfolded within the confines of 2,400 square feet.


But in the bigger picture, the physical therapy landscape is affected by  factors that reside beyond our control, like the the politics of healthcare in our nation's capitol. Where all of this goes is anyone's guess, so in the meanwhile all we can do is take it one patient at a time, one day at a time and see what the next five years brings.