Our Doctors

Professionals at Advanced Physiotherapy understand the significance of rehabilitation of each and every patient. Our therapeutic interventions comprise of accurate diagnosis of the problem, removal of the cause, medical and/or surgical management, evaluation of the treatment, and exercise sessions.

To curb the lengthy procedures and wastage of time, we introduced a simple process for our patients. After making an appointment, you will be consulted by one of our healthcare providers, and he or she will inform you about your whole treatment plan. Treatment plans consist of medical intervention or sometimes even surgical intervention, and/or it can also just comprise some exercises. It totally depends upon the case and intensity of the ailment. We try our best to enable you to enjoy your life just like it was before the problem.

Our healthcare providers are efficient and experienced. We do not compromise on the quality of treatment. Our doctors fully comply with local and international laws and regulations, morals, and medical ethics and keep the personal information of patients intact. Our capabilities and ethics are the pillars of our organization that have allowed us to grow and prosper, and our health professionals do not compromise on any of these points so that you can count on us for the restoration of your healthy life.